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2nd KleE meeting April 2012

From 16th of April 2012, a three day KleE-workshop kicked off at Schauinsland in the lustrous beauty of the Black Forest. The morning started with discussions about a research journey and travel grants for a scientific tour to distinguished foreign Universities and research labs.
A joint publication section was proposed for the homepage where all Phd candidates can enlist and include their respective publications. The members decided to have a soft skill development course on “Scientific writing skills” in the next six months. For the next KleE-meeting, everybody agreed for a new location to see some other parts of the Black Forest. On the next day, a hiking tour was arranged from Feldberg back to Schauinsland. The trip was adventurous and exciting in the midst of chilled weather (-4°C) and snow. The panoramic view of the snow laden Black Forest mesmerized everyone and refreshed our body and mind.
On the last day, the supervisors joined for a poster session and presentations by all KleE-members. The second KleE meeting came to an end on a high note with a lot of positive outcomes from the proposals and discussions that took place over these days.

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